Taharoa Domain / Kai Iwi Lakes

14 October


Sport Northland is delighted to bring you this iconic off-road running event, set in the picturesque Taharoa Domain – better known as Kai Iwi Lakes. Starting at Pine Beach picnic area, the course follows a mostly flat sandstone surface with gentle undulations and spectacular views of the jewel-like fresh water lakes that the area is famous for. There are three different running or walking distances to choose from – half marathon, 14km and 5km. Entrants will receive finisher medals, podium prizes and bragging rights. Participant numbers are strictly limited so don’t delay – enter today.

Pace yourself

…stay a little longer

The Kai Iwi Lakes nestled within the Taharoa Domain, are one of New Zealand’s best holiday spots to stay and play in. Only three hours from Auckland, 35 kilometres from Dargaville. The Lakes sit amongst 538 hectares of premier recreation reserve with white sand, freshwater dune lakes that are renowned for their jewel-like beauty and clear waters.

Perfect for a wonderful camping experience with the choice of two camp grounds located on the lake foreshore, both offering an ideal camping experience for tents, caravans or motorhomes.


Super Early Bird entries – 2023 dates TBC

Early Bird entries – 2023 dates TBC

Standard entries – 2023 dates TBC


Half Marathon

    • Super early bird pricing – $60.00
    • Early bird pricing – $70.50
    • Standard pricing – $81.00

5km Kids

    • Super early bird pricing – $7.50
    • Early bird pricing – $10.50
    • Standard pricing – $16.00


    • Super early bird pricing – $31.50
    • Early bird pricing – $37.00
    • Standard pricing – $47.50






5km Adults

    • Super early bird pricing – $21.00
    • Early bird pricing – $26.50
    • Standard pricing – $37.00

Please read the information below to help ensure that you have an enjoyable event.

IMPORTANT: Taharoa Domain rules and regulations stipulate NO DOGS are permitted at the grounds. Thank you for your understanding.

To increase safety on the course, start times will be staggered in order of Run, Run/Walk, Walk for each distance.

• 21.1km will start at 8.00 am

• 14km will start at 9.30 am

• 5km will start at 9.35 am

The first category, Runners will start first, with each subsequent category Run/Walkers, Casual Walkers following.


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​All merchandise must be pre-purchased as there will be no sales on the event day.

Merchandise cutoff date and time

​Monday 19 September 2022 – 12 pm

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Parking is available at the Pine Beach Campground
There will be an option available for participants to store gear at the start/finish area while out on course. Gear can be left at the registration tent which can be located at the start/finish area. All gear must be clearly labelled with your event number. You will need to present your event number to collect gear. While all reasonable care is taken of gear, Sport Northland is not responsible for any lost or damaged items. Please do not leave valuables.

Should you feel the need to pack some extra gear for warmth, to keep dry, or for whatever reason, we have a list of recommended items that should see you through.

  1. Long sleeve top (polyprop or wool),
  2. beanie (polyprop or wool),
  3. survival blanket,
  4. waterproof seam sealed jacket,
  5. gloves (polyprop or wool),
  6. tights
.The Aid Station/Portaloo locations listed below are approximate distances throughout the course. This event is cupless (on course); therefore, no cups will be available at any aid stations throughout the entire course. You will need to bring your water bottle, running vest or something that can hold water. All our Aid Stations will provide water, RLine Electrolyte Hydration, Ready salted chips and basic first aid. For more information on RLine Electrolyte Hydration, click here. The Aid Stations are self-service which means you will need to top up your own water. Please be mindful of other people when getting your water at the Aid Stations – Help yourself to water and move on.

Please refer to our printable course maps on this page for Aid Stations and toilet locations.


Aid station – There are no aid stations on course for this distance, but you will find an aid station located at the Start/Finish area.

Toilets – Campground toilets located near the start/finish area.


Aid station – 6.5km, 11km

Toilets –8.5km, 11km and Campground toilets at the start/finish area.

Half Marathon

Aid station – 6.5km, 11km/ 13.5km, 14.5km, 18.5km.

Toilets –11km/ 13.5km, 16km, 18.5km and Campground toilets at the start/finish area.

Finish Aid Station

Upon finishing everyone will receive Water and R-Line. There will be disposable cups upon finishing.

Cupless on Course

As we mentioned right from the beginning, we are a cupless event. To cut down on waste, we will have no cups at aid stations. You will need to carry a cup or hydration pack with you. Limited stock of reusable cups will be available for sale at the start area, but we encourage you to purchase one in advance and use it in your training.

Prior to the event, reusable cups are available to purchase from Sport Northland or at the online checkout at time of your event entry purchase.

Aid Station Etiquette 

  • We will have aid stations spread throughout the course, offering water and R-line.
  • Do not expect the marshal on the drink station to pour your water. If you need something from the aid station, please help yourself.
  • Respect that people will want access to the aid station so please grab what you need then kindly move out of the way.




Due to the issues, we are experiencing with delays in postage we will not be offering that service. 

Your race number will need to be collected from the locations below:

Sport Northland Office – 97 Western Hills Drive, Kensington, Whangarei

  • Thursday 6 October 2022 – 8.00am – 5.30pm

Pine Beach Campground, Kai Iwi Lake

  • Saturday 8 October 2022 – 4pm – 5pm

Pine Beach Campground, Kai Iwi Lakes (start/finish area at admin)

  • Sunday 9 October 2022 – 6.30am – 9.30am

Your event number has been supplied with pins; please attach this high on the front of your t-shirt or singlet.



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All 3 distance are electronically timed.

Applying for a refund?

  1. For administrative errors on your part or a change of mind, no refund applies.
  2. In a situation where you experience an unexpected illness or injury, a medical certificate is REQUIRED. The medical certificate will need to be sent through to sportnorthevents@gmail.com with a brief explanation. We will review your email. Your refund isn’t guaranteed.
  3. A family grievance.​

We will not refund your entry for any other reason so please don’t phone us or email us. In most cases we can hold your entry fee to the following year or transfer your entry into another event which will require you to pay the difference (if it costs more). If it costs less, we refund the difference. All transfers come with a $5 admin fee.

Please email sportnorthevents@gmail.com

​Why can’t I get all my money back?

About 60-70% of costs are incurred (and spent!) well before race week begins. There are staff costs (wages), purchasing capital items (like a start gantry), marketing, accommodation, clothing, medals, timing…. the list goes on.

The big ‘hidden’ (because you will never see them) costs are associated with health and safety compliance, operational planning, people planning, landowner access etc. This can (and do) add up to hundreds of hours of work.

Refund Structure

      • 75% refund – up until 14 March  2022

      • 50% refund – From 15 March 2022 up until 27 June 2022

      • 25% refund – From 28 June 2022 up until 10 September 2022

      • From 11 September 2022 – No Refunds

We are runners/walkers just like yourself who also enter events and understand from a participant point of view the frustrations of asking for a refund, therefore, we have done a bit of research and we believe we offer one of the fairest refund policies around.


Sport Northland reserves the right to cancel the Event at any time. Reasons for cancellation may include, but are not limited to, Sport Northland deciding in its sole discretion cancellation is required due to any sort of dangerous conditions, outbreak of Covid-19 or other communicable disease, natural disaster, acts of war, terrorism and/or similar major event beyond our control.

If the event cannot be run on the original date, Sport Northland will endeavor to reschedule the event to a new postponement date, with all registrations being automatically transferred. If the event cannot be rescheduled, or can not be held on the postponement date, all entrants may be given the below options….

Option 1 – A transfer of your entry to the following years Event + we will endeavour to hold a virtual event.

Option 2 – 100% credit to any other Sport Northland Event in the next 12 months.

Option 3 – A partial Refund which will be determined based on the stage of planning we are in at the time of cancelling.



The Northland Half Marathon Leader board will capture every half marathon finisher who registered into the following events.

  • Bay of Islands Run/Walk Festival 2021 – Half Marathon Run

  • Whangarei Run/Walk Festival 2021 – Half Marathon Run

  • 3 Lakes Trail Run 2021 – Half Marathon Run

  • Kerikeri Half Marathon 2021 – Half Marathon Run

The calculation method for points for the 2021 Series is based on the same method that our friends at Running Events in Auckland use. We believe this method will result in fairer results and help to smooth out the peaks and troughs encountered due to differing participation levels at each event.

Points will be awarded based on where you finished relative to the winner in your gender for those registered in the half marathon. The first-placed male and female athletes in each category receive 100 points, and then subsequent finishers are awarded points as a percentage of the winner’s time. That means that no matter how long you take to finish, you will always earn some points in your season-long quest for greatness!

We will be offering DOUBLE POINTS for the final event of the half marathon series. That means the overall winners at the Kerikeri Half Marathon will receive 200 points instead of 100 … and so on…. So, make sure you save your best until last!

Although you do not need to complete all events to achieve an overall placing, it will obviously be difficult to win unless you do.

Recognition: Recognition: The first placed male & female in the Northland Half Marathon Series event will receive a trophy and free entry into all 2022 Sport Northland Run/Walk Series events.


To be eligible to earn points towards the PAK’nSAVE Run/Walk Series Classic Leader Board you must enter and start with the ‘Run’ category for the specified distance.

  • Parihaka – 12km

  • Beach to Basin – 10km

  • Bay of Islands Run/Walk Festival – 8.7km

  • Kaitaia Run/Walk – 12km

  • Whangarei Run/Walk Festival – 8.5km

  • 3 Lakes Trail Run – 14km

  • Kerikeri Half Marathon – 5km

The first five men and women over the finish line (from the run section of the specified distance) will be awarded points based on their finishing place as follows:

1st = 8 Points

2nd = 5 Points

3rd = 3 Points

4th = 2 Points

5th = 1 Points

Rules: To be eligible the competitor must be entered in the run section of the specified PAK’nSAVE Run/Walk Series Classic Leader Board distance and start at the correct place and time.

  • There is both a men’s and women’s Leader Board which is open to all ages

  • A dead heat may be called by if some finishers are difficult to separate on the line.

  • In the case of two competitors having equal points after the Cobrio 5k final, the winner will be decided by whoever has the quickest time at the Conbrio 5k.

  • For events that are timed, placing for Leaderboard points will be determined by gun time.


St Johns Ambulance will be positioned at the start/finish area and on course (position on course yet to be determined)

Please inform a marshal if you or someone else requires assistance on the course. A tail marshal will follow the event.

  • Place getters are acknowledged at the finish area at approximately 10:30 am
  • There will be a spot prize tent at the finish area from 10:00 am onwards. All participants can go to the spot prize tent to try their luck and see if they have won a spot prize.
  • Check to see if your number is showing on the spot prize board, if it is then you are a winner.
  • Entrants for all events are eligible for spot prizes.

Due to the uneven terrain on this course, no prams are permitted.


Due to Health and Safety planning and the nature of the course, wheeled conveyances (e.g. bikes, rollerblades or skateboards) are not permitted in this event.


For your safety, the use of iPods/MP3 players are discouraged. Should you choose to use an iPod/MP3 player during the event, please have the volume at a level that ensures you are aware of your surroundings and other participants.

Due to Health and Safety planning and the nature of the terrain, this course is unsuitable for anything with wheels or with more than 2 legs. That means no scooters, prams, bikes or wheelchairs, and definitely no dogs!

Safety Regulations

  • Marshals will be wearing high-visibility vests and are there for your safety. Always follow their instructions and those of the event organisers.
  • This is an off-road event. However, some parts are held on public roads. Please obey all traffic laws and regulations.
  • Always treat all roads as open and expect oncoming and overtaking traffic
  • Take extreme care when approaching driveways and side roads – expect vehicles
  • Where there is a lane coned for participants, you are always required to remain within the cones.
  • The off-road section of the course may include steep hills which will be slippery when wet.
  • Take extreme care negotiating the course as there may be potholes, tree roots, stairs, and uneven surfaces.
  • There will be a lead and tail marshal following the first and last participant in each distance. If assistance is required, please stop, and wait for the tail marshal or notify the nearest marshal.
  • All 3 courses are predominantly off-road. Surfaces include but not limited to, clay, loose metal, sand, road, Grass paddock and is narrow in places with exposed tree roots under foot – take extreme care.
  • No animals are permitted to accompany participants during the event under the rules of Kai Iwi lakes.
  • Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.
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